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Welcome message for new members

A welcome message by Roberto Pietrafesa IZ7VHF

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Welcome to radio-signals forum...

Roberto Pietrafesa

Members presentation

Introduce yourself to radio-signals community: where are you from, your life, your dreams...

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James J Zelazny jr (N2NXZ)

James Zelazny jr

Floating balloons
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Balloon types

about balloon types and their floating physics

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Most popular balloons used

James Zelazny jr

Transmitting payloads

about transmitting hardware, firmware, digital modes and telemetry

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Old designs using AD9850/51 DD...

James Zelazny jr

Supplies and materials

Where to buy balloons, solar cells, batteries, gps modules, microcontrollers, transmitters etc.

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PCB manufacturer

Roberto Pietrafesa

My launch experiences

Tell the community about you launches... and failures!

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Old days

James Zelazny jr


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