Very first step to building your payload  

James Zelazny jr
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Just to be clear,to utilize the ideas and concepts on this website,you must first purchase a QRP Labs U3S kit.

Build,learn and test this kit and you will better understand how it all works before jumping into your payload designs.You will need to also buy a GPS suitable for this kit and your ready to setup your modes/bands in which you want to use for your payloads.Having the kit and learning how it all works,the rest of this forum will make better sense and make your lives easier.The manual is a MUST read -

From here,you will be able to either use the chips directly from the kit once setup,or transfer the setup files from the kit to your computer to again transfer to new U3S firmware chips or any Atmega 328p based systems such as Arduino Nano,Micro...etc.

This will be described further if members ask in the future.

























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Posted : 20/09/2017 1:43 pm

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