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James Zelazny jr
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Ran across this APRS system and has me wondering if it could be made to work for balloon payloads.Or even using the Si5351 that already has 2m band capability.An Atmega328 is used here as is the old Ad9850dds module. However,I am not smart enough to figure it out.Could this also be incorporated into QRP Labs U3S kits? Some food for thought -


I see here the Arduino sketch for this design but I am absolutely lost when it comes to code.Maybe someone with experience using code can find a way to make it work using the Si5351 synth.I know the earlier versions of the U3s kits used the 9850 dds modules but now changed to the Si5351.This would reduce the extra components in this design if it is possible.Imagine a U3S having APRS ability among the HF features ? Payload capability can be further expanded in this regard.Again...just a thought from someone with no clue.

Arduino files -



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Posted : 23/12/2017 3:03 pm

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