new custom PCB  

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hi guys,

i have reworked the layout from Jim, to use only one regulator and have the cpas on board.

also this is a smaller version .

73 Dan

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Posted : 06/11/2017 4:51 pm Roberto Pietrafesa liked
Roberto Pietrafesa
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Thanks a lot for sharing your new layout, dear Dan!

I will follow your further flights!

73 de IZ7VHF.

Posted : 06/11/2017 5:04 pm
James Zelazny jr
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VERY nice job on the PCB !

I was hoping to someday shrink it down and looks like you already did a great job.Thank you for taking an interest in that PCB.Still hoping to hear a signal from STELLA8 but looks it did not appear today.Maybe the clouds had an effect on the flight?Hope someday to try your redesigned PCB for myself soon.


Posted : 06/11/2017 6:03 pm Roberto Pietrafesa liked

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