Old designs using AD9850/51 DDS modules and Arduino  

James Zelazny
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Just for fun,going to add some of my first payload builds using WSPR and the older AD9850 and AD9851 DDS modules.

Your on your own with these should you have the older DDS modules laying around.They are still available on Ebay.

Builds are still using Arduino Atmega 328`s.

Also attached is an older version of Arduino IDE.For me,the newer version does not work with these older sketches.Be sure to change the call sign in these sketches.

This is based from W3PM - http://www.knology.net/~gmarcus/




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Posted : 22/06/2017 2:33 pm
James Zelazny
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Here are 2 Arduino sketches for Si5351 WSPR.

These were never tried but something to mess with for those interested.


Posted : 22/06/2017 8:41 pm

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